Build a CBG

CBG Build and Play Workshop


$35 - You come to me.

$60 - I come to you ($35 for each additional guitar) Hint: Host a party!

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 The Details

Where can you get cigar boxes?   My best recommendation is Tobacco World in the Flour Mill. Other stores that carry cigars may have boxes for sale. 

How much should I expect to pay for a cigar box?   The going price at Tobacco stores is typically $3 for paper covered boxes and $5 for all wood. At antique stores the prices may higher.

What size should the box be?   
8 3/4" - 10"    7" - 8"   x   1 1/2" - 2"

Other tips!  Thin wood is more resonant, so we often use the bottom of the box to be the top of the guitar. The pictured guitar has a thin top and bottom, a real plus. Stay away from cardboard boxes because they will not sound as good without a pickup to amplify them. I recommend boxes with a "flat flap" instead of ones where the lid has edges around it. The six boxes on the right are available!

If you have trouble finding a box or have questions whether a box will work, please contact me.