Learn the Basics

3-Hour Class at SCC: Only $31

You will have fun building your own Cigar Box Guitar, learning to play at least 5 songs on it, and seeing how easy it is to adapt popular songs you want to play.

Registration is underway, class size is limited to 12, so call Spokane Community College Non-Credit Registration at 509-533-8500 

Class Title: Build Your Own Cigar Box Guitar and Learn to Play It

SCC HealthSci Bldg 9 Rm 0216 - Tuesday, April 16, 6 - 9 pm,

Learn these two rhythm patterns to start with and you are well armed to play most of the songs we do.

Johnny Cash Strum

This boom chicka chicka strum pattern is great for straight ahead 1 2 3 4 songs.

Calypso Strum

This syncopated strum pattern is great for song that benefit from and easy going island style rhythms

YouTube Songs 

The 1-Finger CBGslinger YouTube Channel has hundreds of songs from our songbooks that you can play along. Check them out here: 1-Finger CBGslinger 

To continue building your skills these pdf files have links to more exercises

Guitarslinger Workout Volume 1 (V1.04): This worksheet will have 10 rhythm patterns with links to 1-minute practice videos of increasing speed. Use it to improve your rhythm and speed. Seven patterns are complete and ready to practice!

Rhythm Exercises 1-6: Has some short rhythm lessons from some our of Zoom meetings.