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Scheduled Zoom Meetings

#199: April 22: 6:30 PM (SOF)

#200: April 29: 6:30 PM (Main)

#201: May 6: 6:30 PM (Main)

#202: May 13: 6:30 PM (SOF)

#203: May 20: 6:30 PM (SOF)

#204: May 27: 6:30 PM (SOF)

#205: June 3: 6:30 PM (SOF)

#206: June 10: 6:30 PM (SOF)

#207: June 17: 6:30 PM (SOF)

#208: June 24: 6:30 PM (SOF)

Meeting Format: We cycle through everyone present. After we complete a song, each person on the first round answers the opener question and chooses a song from the appropriate songbook index below for the next meeting and then we go on to the next song. We typically play and choose 12 songs for the meeting.

After that anyone who wants to share a song can do so.

Tips for Zooming

Try to get your CBG in the picture; it makes it feel more like we are playing together.

If you have two devices, you can display the Zoom Songs PDF on one of them without having to print them out.

It is handy to have a printed index of all the songs in the appropriate songbook and your choices ready